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how to clean your Bosch dishwasher

Wondering How to Clean Your Bosch Dishwasher? Try Our Step-By-Step Guide



Bosch appliances are some of the best on the market. They are quiet, efficient, and get your dishes clean. However, they can develop a smell over time, and their cleaning power can diminish if not cleaned regularly. Are you wondering how to clean your Bosch dishwasher?

Here’s How to Clean Your Bosch Dishwasher Properly

This guide will walk you through how to clean a Bosch dishwasher using easy step-by-step instructions. We will also answer some common questions about cleaning these high-quality dishwashers, such as “Why does my dishwasher smell?” and “How do I deep clean my dishwasher?”. So whether your dishwasher is starting to smell or it’s just been a while since you’ve cleaned it, follow our guide for optimal performance! If you continue to have trouble with your dishwasher cleaning dishes correctly, make sure to load the dishwasher correctly, as well.

why does my bosch dishwasher smell
Image Source: Bosch

Why Does My Bosch Dishwasher Always Smell?

Mold, mildew, debris, and bacteria can build up over time in your dishwasher, causing it to smell. This is especially true if you have hard water, as minerals can contribute to the growth of bacteria. If your dishwasher has developed a smell, don’t worry! It’s easy to clean and get rid of the odor.

Why Does My Dishwasher Leave Water Marks on My Dishes?

If your dishwasher leaves watermarks on your dishes and glassware, there are a few reasons why your it may be leaving water spots behind. One reason could be that the filters are dirty and need to be cleaned. Another reason could be that the spray arms are not evenly spraying water onto the dishes. If you notice that your dishwasher is leaving water spots on your dishes, make sure to check the filters and spray arms.

If you have hard water, using a rinse aid can help to prevent hard water spots on your dishes. Hard water contains minerals that can cause spots and streaks on dishes. Rinse aid is a product that you add to your dishwasher’s detergent tray that helps to suspend these minerals, so they don’t stick to your dishes. This will help keep your dishes looking their best!

dishwasher leaves water marks

How Do You Clean a Smelly Bosch Dishwasher?

If you’ve noticed your dishwasher smells bad, you’ll want to make sure to thoroughly deep clean it. To keep the bad dishwasher odor from reoccurring, you’ll want to repeat the cleaning process once every two months.

How Do I Deep Clean My Bosch Dishwasher?

Wondering, “What is the best way to clean the inside of the dishwasher?” To deep clean your dishwasher, start with a cycle with Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner. We recommend using Bosch Dishwasher Cleaner because it’s specifically designed for this brand of dishwasher and does not damage its parts or components like some other dishwasher cleaners can.

How to Clean Your Dishwasher:

  1. Begin by emptying the dishwasher
  2. Pour one packet of dishwasher cleaner into the detergent dispenser
  3. Close the dishwasher and select the longest, hottest wash cycle. Allow it to run completely until it is completed.
  4. After the cycle is completed, leave the dishwasher door open to allow it to dry and cool.
  5. Using a soft cloth, wipe the dishwasher interior to remove any remaining debris. 
  6. With warm water, gently clean the gasket or door seal from any mildew, mold, or debris.

How to Clean Your Bosch Dishwasher Filter

Most of the foul-smelling odors and dishwasher clogs are typically due to the unit’s filter. The first step is to locate the filter. The location of your dishwasher’s filter will depend on your model. Some models may differentiate in servicing the filter, so make sure to consult your dishwasher’s owner manual if in doubt.

How to Clean Your Bosch Dishwasher Filter
Image Source: Bosch

To Clean The Dishwasher Filter:

  1. Remove the bottom rack of the dishwasher.
  2. Most models include a mesh filter located at the bottom of the dishwasher tub.
  3. Remove the lower spray arm that is located directly on top of the mesh filter.
  4. Twist open the filter cap and pull it out along with the mesh filter screen.
  5. For heavily soiled filters, allow them to soak in a sink of warm water with dish-cleaning soap.
  6. Ensure that all debris is removed from the filter. For especially stubborn debris, an old toothbrush or soft scrub brush can help clean them off.
  7. Reinstall the clean filter into the original housing. Twist the cap of the filter to close it. Ensure that it is completely secured in place.
  8. Reinstall the spray arm and bottom rack.

How to Clean the Dishwasher Spray Arms

The next step in how to clean your Bosch dishwasher is to clean the dishwasher spray arms. Over time, the spray arms can become clogged with minerals and debris, restricting water flow and dish-cleaning power.

how to clean a bosch dishwasher spray arms
Image Source: Bosch

To Clean Dishwasher Spray Arms:

  1. Remove the lower dishwasher rack.
  2. Remove both spray arms: The bottom spray arm is located in the dishwasher’s tub, and the upper spray arm is located under the upper rack. Simply twist the knob to release each spray arm.
  3. Using a small tool or device, such as a paper clip, gently clean each spray hole of the spray arms.
  4. Rince each spray arm under running water until all spray holes distribute water evenly.
  5. Reattach the spray arms inside the dishwasher, turning the knobs to secure each.
  6. Double-check that each of the spray arms spins easily, then reinstall the lower dishrack.

Can I Use Vinegar in My Bosch Dishwasher?

Although vinegar will not ruin your dishwasher, it is not an adequate replacement for Bosch’s specialized dishwasher cleaner. Vinegar is a mild acid, and over time, it can react and cause damage to some parts of your dishwasher. This is especially true for rubber gaskets and hoses, whereas vinegar can expedite their deterioration. Although vinegar is often suggested as a dishwasher cleaning aid, make sure to stick with the products specifically recommended by the Bosch brand to ensure the longevity of your dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is not cleaning dishes correctly, smells bad, or has other problems, RD Appliance Service can help. They are experts in repairing and servicing Bosch dishwashers.

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