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miele oven won't turn on but burners work

Miele Oven Won’t Turn On But Burners Work? Try This…



If your range burners work but the oven doesn’t there’s likely an oven malfunction at play. Why won’t my Miele oven work but burners do? In gas models, the oven’s igniter may be faulty, leaving it unable to light the gas. Troubleshoot with these likely causes when your Miele oven won’t turn on but burners work just fine.

Here’s Why Your Miele Oven Won’t Turn On But Burners Work

miele oven wont turn on but burners work
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While malfunctions are typically responsible, sometimes a simple adjustment can restore oven function. Before assessing for part failures, check these basics when your Miele oven won’t turn on but burners work.

Check Miele Oven Settings

If your Miele burners work but oven won’t turn on, first make sure you’ve set the oven correctly. For the oven to start, the power must be turned on and a setting and temperature selected. As this method varies depending on the oven model, consult your user manual to determine how to properly select the function and temperature. Some ovens have a digital display with buttons, while others have a rotary knob that enables you to make selections.


fix a miele oven that won't turn on


Also, keep in mind that your Miele oven won’t turn on after a self-clean cycle until it’s sufficiently cooled. Even if the self-clean cycle has ended, the door will remain locked and additional functions can’t be selected until cooling is complete. At this point, the door will unlock and, depending on your model oven, “Finished,” will appear in the digital display. The oven may also make a chiming sound indicating that the cycle is finished and the oven is ready for use.

Oven Heating Element is Broken

Electric ovens have a heating element at the top and bottom that provide heat for cooking. When working properly, these elements emit a steady heat and an even red glow. If the wiring in these elements fails or the metal coil that houses them breaks, you’ll notice the oven not heating up sufficiently or at all. 

These additional signs also indicate a broken oven heating element:

  • Uneven cooking: Depending on the heating element, food is underdone on one side
  • Visible damage: Breaks, blistering, or burned marks
  • Uneven red glow: Some or all of the element may remain dark

How do you fix a Miele oven that won’t turn on because of a broken heating element? In most cases, the element can’t be repaired and requires a professional replacement.

Faulty Igniter

For gas models, a faulty igniter is often responsible for a Miele oven not working but burners light. The igniter uses electricity to open the oven’s gas valve, allowing gas to flow from your home supply. It also produces an electrical spark to light the gas as it flows. If the igniter can’t perform either of these functions, the oven won’t turn on.

When the igniter doesn’t glow or light the gas, it’s likely faulty. If multimeter testing confirms this with a lack of continuity, it must be replaced.

Miele Electronic Control Board Has Failed

Like other models, Miele ovens have an internal electronic control board that governs all functions. It does this by sending electrical power to the appropriate function at the right time. If the wiring in the board shorts out or it fails over time, it may not respond to your control panel commands. Even after the right functions are selected, your Miele oven won’t turn on but burners work fine.

Due to its location and the skill required to test an electronic control board, it’s best assessed by a professional oven repair service.

The professionals at RD Appliance Service can perform a variety of Miele oven repairs to ensure it functions optimally. Call us for all your high-end appliance needs!