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sub-zero refrigerator leaking water

Troubleshooting a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Leaking Water



Sub-Zero refrigerators are known for their smooth design, quality workmanship, and outstanding performance. However, even the best of high-end appliances can have a problem arise now and then. Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator leaking water? Troubleshoot a leaking Sub-Zero refrigerator with these tips.

Why is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Leaking Water?

A Sub-Zero refrigerator leaking water can be quite a messy and frustrating problem. Thankfully, most causes of a refrigerator leak are easy to determine and can be resolved with a simple repair or adjustment at home. On the other hand, some causes of a Sub-Zero refrigerator leaks water will need professional repair. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of refrigerator water leaks and how to address them.

sub-zero water dispenser dripping

Leaking Refrigerator Water Line

If your refrigerator water leak is coupled with a problem making ice or pumping water from the dispenser, it may have a leak in the refrigerator water line. Typically, this leaking water line will start by causing a puddle behind the refrigerator, then develop into a larger issue.

Common causes of a Sub-Zero refrigerator water line leaking are:

  • Leaking water inlet hose: A small hose connects your home water supply to your refrigerator. This hose can become damaged or pinched, causing a crack or hole to develop and leak water. A damaged water inlet hose will need to be professionally replaced.
  • Loose hose fitting: The water inlet hose connects on both ends by two hose fittings. If these metal fittings become loose or damaged, they can cause a leak. Check both fittings to ensure that they are snuggly connected, and tighten if they are loose or leaking.
  • Problem with the water supply line: A crack or damaged area can also occur in your home’s water supply line, making it appear as if your Sub-Zero refrigerator leaking water is the issue. If you suspect a leak within your water supply line, a professional plumber can inspect and repair or replace the line.

Water Filter Leak

Is your Sub-Zero water dispenser dripping? A water leak coming from the water dispenser may be due to an issue arising with the refrigerator water filter.

sub zero refrigerator leaks water-1
Image Source: Sub-Zero

To troubleshoot a water filter leak, visually inspect your water filter. Check to ensure that it is installed correctly and does not have any holes or cracks. It is also critical that a Sub-Zero brand water filter is used in a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Generic or non-OEM water filters may be prone to leaks, have damaged gaskets, or not fit correctly. If your water filter is cracked or damaged, it will need to be replaced with a Sub-Zero brand water filter.

Frost Inside Refrigerator

If you find ice forming on the back wall or floor of your refrigerator, excess moisture or water inside Sub-Zero refrigerator can be to blame. A faulty door gasket may leak too much room-temperature air into the refrigerator, causing condensation in Sub-Zero refrigerator to accumulate. This condensation can turn into a buildup of ice.

To troubleshoot water or frost accumulating in a Sub-Zero refrigerator:

  1. Check to make sure that your refrigerator door is able to close completely, and that it is not obstructed by any items.
  2. Check the refrigerator and freezer temperatures. If your refrigerator is warm, you’ll want to double-check its temperature settings. A Sub-Zero refrigerator should be at or near 38°F and 0°F in the freezer.
  3. Visually inspect the door gasket. Ensure it is not ripped, torn, or damaged. If you suspect a faulty refrigerator door gasket, it will need to be professionally replaced.
  4. If frost or ice buildup remains a problem, professional Sub-Zero diagnosis and repair may be needed.

Leaking Drain Pan

A small amount of moisture is normal within a Sub-Zero refrigerator. A Sub-Zero refrigerator leaking water may be due to a leaking drain pan. Typically, condensation will buildup and drop to the bottom of the unit, then flow from the drain tube into the drain pan beneath the refrigerator. However, Sub-Zero drip tray overflowing can occur if there is excess moisture being produced within the refrigerator. Overflowing can also occur if the drip pan is not installed correctly, or is cracked or damaged.

If your Sub-Zero refrigerator leaking water continues to be a problem, give RD Appliance Service a call for Sub-Zero refrigerator repair. We offer professional diagnosis and repairs from highly experienced technicians.

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