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Luxury home appliances certainly live up to their title, right up until the moment they stop working. The truth is that no matter how advanced or well-made any machine is, enough wear-and-tear over time will cause a breakdown of some sort. Luckily for you, you’ve already found the high-end appliance repair Manhasset experts here at RD Appliance Service, Corp.

We’re your local experts when it comes to fixing premium kitchen and laundry appliance issues. Our seasoned technicians have decades of experience between them working on a wide variety of makes, models, and configurations. No matter if your refrigerator has stopped making ice, or your dishwasher is stuck full of water that won’t drain, we can help solve the problem fast.

There’s a reason why our company has been in business for more than five decades! Our Manhasset appliance repair techs are unmatched in their skill and training, and our customer service is second-to-none, so why call anyone else? Contact RD Appliance Service, Corp. today and get your premium appliance back up and running right away.

Appliance Repair Manhasset Tips

As a high-end appliance servicer, we do want your business when one of your home appliances stops working correctly. As caring members of our local community though, we would rather help our friends and neighbors prevent otherwise unnecessary repairs through proper maintenance, even if it costs us some business.

The fact is that many common appliance repair Manhasset issues can be avoided simply by taking care of them the right way. Just follow these simple tips and maintenance procedures to keep your major home appliances running strong for years to come!

Clear Out Dryer Vents
Most people know to clean their lint filter regularly to maintain performance, but the vents behind your dryer also need to be cleared out once every few months. This will improve airflow and drying efficiency, as well as help prevent dryer fires.

Safely Clean Your Oven Interior
Even if you only use your oven a few times per month, grease spills, food particles, and other debris will build up in the oven cavity. Use a natural oven cleaner (not the self-clean function) to remove the stuck-on food and prevent common repair issues.

Clean Your Refrigerator Condenser Coils
This is the big one. The worst appliance problem to deal with is a dead refrigerator, and preventing it can be so simple. Use an appliance brush and vacuum cleaner to remove and dispose of any built-up dirt and debris on the condenser coils 1-2 times per year. This will help the unit run more efficiently and not work so hard to keep things cool.


All of our repairs are backed by a ONE YEAR guarantee on parts and labor. For residential machines used in commercial settings, the guarantee is 30 days.

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80% of our repairs are completed on the first trip. We stock our trucks with the repair parts & tools needed to repair most units, including larger built-in appliances.

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We use a national job rate guide which is a standard in the industry. This allows us to quote you an exact price, up front, after diagnosis, before any work is performed.

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Professional Service for Luxury Appliance Brands

The best thing about luxury appliances can also be a hindrance when something breaks. Not everyone has the pleasure of owning a high-end unit, and with lower demand, there are fewer options when it comes time to find a knowledgable repair technician who’s familiar with the product. That’s why your best bet is to find your city’s local Factory Authorized service company for your brand. RD Appliance Service, Corp. has been chosen as a factory authorized appliance repair Manhasset servicer for a number of world-class manufacturers such as Viking, Thermador, Miele, Bosch, and many more. Don’t leave your luxury appliance in the hands of an amateur handyman when you can go with the company hand-picked by the manufacturer themselves! We also service these top appliance brands and more:

Providing Local Repair Service Since 1963!

Major Home Appliance Repair in Manhasset

The high-end home appliance industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, offering more brands, more models, and more creative designs than ever before. The only problem with having all of these options is finding a Manhasset appliance repair company that’s trained and experienced in fixing them all.

The good news is that our RD Appliance technicians are well-trained and know exactly how to handle any break, failure, or malfunction. And as a family-owned and operated company, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive friendly local service from someone who lives in your area. Call us today if you’re having trouble with any of these luxury appliance models:

Kitchen Appliances

Has your oven stopped heating, or is your refrigerator only cold in one section? If so, call now and we’ll send one of our repair technicians to your home to help with your:

Laundry Appliances

When your washer or dryer stops working, you can lug all of your dirty garments to the laundromat, or you can let our appliance repair Manhasset techs provide you with fast:

Specialty Appliances

Our repair technicians are a cut above the rest, which is why we work on specialty appliances that the other guys won’t touch. If you’re having problems with one of these models, call us now:

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