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The Coffee Package

The Coffee Plan is our premium subscription designed to keep your coffee machine in top-notch condition.

Maintenance Services

  • Inspection and settings check for built in coffee systems
  • Lightly clean out machine interior
  • Inspect machine and check settings
  • Run cleaning cycle

Added Benefits

  • Free dryer vent airflow test and vent system inspection (valued at $179).
  • 10% discount on any needed dryer vent cleaning or repairs.
  • 10% discount on any appliance repairs discovered during the maintenance.
  • 20% discount on any appliance repair trip charge for one year.

    $199.00 / year

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    The Coffee Package Plan Details

    The Coffee Package is our specialized subscription plan crafted for coffee connoisseurs. Ensure that your built-in coffee systems always function optimally and deliver the perfect brew every time. With our dedicated coffee machine maintenance services, you’ll experience coffee perfection in every cup.

    Features of The Coffee Package:

    Our Coffee Package is designed to address the specific needs of built-in coffee systems, guaranteeing consistent performance and taste.

    Inspection and Settings Check for Built-in Coffee Systems

    • Lightly Clean Out Machine Interior: A gentle clean ensures that no residues interfere with your brewing process, maintaining the purest coffee flavor.
    • Inspect Machine and Check Settings: Our experts will inspect your machine for any potential issues and ensure that its settings are optimized for the best performance.
    • Run Cleaning Cycle: Running a cleaning cycle not only enhances the machine’s lifespan but also guarantees that every brew is fresh and flavorful.

    Added Benefits

    • Free dryer vent airflow test and vent system inspection ($179 value)
    • 10% discount on any needed dryer vent cleaning or repairs
    • 10% discount on any needed appliance repairs discovered during the appliance maintenance
    • 20% discount on any appliance repair trip charge for one year

    Why Choose The Coffee Package?

    With The Coffee Package, you invest in unmatched coffee experiences. Consistency, taste, and a seamless brewing session await you every morning. Subscribe today and savor the richness of perfectly brewed coffee.

    • Consistency in Every Brew: Regular maintenance ensures every cup remains consistent in taste and quality.
    • Peak Performance: An inspected and optimized machine ensures efficient operation and energy savings.
    • Expert Care: Our coffee technicians ensure your equipment is in top condition, ready to serve you the best coffee.

    *Package is tailored for built-in coffee systems. Additional costs may apply for replacement parts or specialized cleaning products.

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